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学费 & 费用

Focus on Net Price, Not Sticker Price

Underst而且ing Sticker Price VS. 净价格VS. 价值. Sticker Price (A college's published price - tuition 而且 fees, room 而且 board, etc.) MINUS 奖学金 而且 Grants (Merit or need-based aid money that you don't have to pay back) EQUALS Net Price (What you actually pay - typically with loans, 储蓄及收入). 价值 EQUALS Educational 而且 lifetime advantages each college offers you as compared to the net price you pay.

What Is a Net Price Calculator?

苏的 Freshmen Net Price Calculator 而且 Transfer Net Price Calculator are free online tools that give you a personalized estimate of net price.

How Does 苏的 Net Price Calculator Work?

SU’s net price calculator asks you questions about your family’s finances 而且 may also ask you questions about your GPA, 考试成绩, activities 而且 other things that may qualify you for financial aid. It uses your answers to figure out how much money in grants 而且 奖学金 may award to you. Keep in mind this is only an estimate 而且 not inclusive of any other institutional or academic department 奖学金 available at SU 而且 does not take into account other types of gift aid you may be receiving from the state or other organizations.

Undergraduate Cost of Attendance (Fall/Spring)

There are two types of costs considered in the financial aid process: direct costs 而且 indirect expenses. Together these costs represent the official cost of attendance (student budget). We encourage all prospective students 而且 their families to evaluate 苏的 net price. The net price reflects the actual out-of-pocket expense to attend SU after removing grants, 奖学金, 而且 other educational benefits from the "sticker" price. Click here to utilize 苏的 Freshmen Net Price Calculator or Transfer Net Price Calculator 进行下一步.

  • 直接成本
  • 间接费用

下面的数字是 估计2023 - 2024 costs per year for fulltime (12+ credits per semester), on-campus, undergraduate students. Financial aid for undergraduate students is packaged under the assumption that a student is attending full-time each fall 而且 spring semester.

For more detailed information on tuition 而且 fee charges, please refer to the 学杂费表 provided by the SU Cashier’s Office (the 2023-2024 schedule should be available in late spring)

费用类型 马里兰的居民 其他州的居民
学杂费 $10,638 $21,332
住房* $7,630 $7,630
餐* * $5,786 $5,786
直接成本 $24,054 $34,748

*Based on Double Occupancy
**Based on the “All Access” meal plan

费用类型 马里兰的居民 其他州的居民
书籍和用品 $1,300 $1,300
个人/反式/ Misc. $3,900 $3,900
贷款费用津贴 $276 $276
间接成本 $5,476 $5,476


马里兰的居民 $29,530
其他州的居民 $40,224

A student who is attending less than 12 credits per semester will have a lower cost of attendance 而且 will be eligible for less financial aid than a full-time student. 请填写 Enrollment Change Form 2023-2024 而且 return it to the financial aid office if you plan on enrolling less than full-time as that will impact your costs 而且 potentially your aid.

Graduate Cost of Attendance (Fall/Spring)

As with undergraduate cost of attendance, there are two types of costs for graduate c而且idates considered in the financial aid process: direct 而且 indirect costs. Together these costs represent the official cost of attendance (student budget).

下面的数字是 估计2023 - 2024 costs for graduate students enrolled in 9 credit hours for Fall 而且 Spring semesters. Attendance of less than 9 credits in a semester will have a lower cost of attendance (student budget) assigned.

每学时 马里兰的居民 非居民 非居民 (地区)黑格
学费 $428 $775 $515
强制性的费用 $115 $115 $115
Combined 学杂费 $543 $890 $630

Cost of Attendance (Student Budget)

成本 马里兰的居民



学费 而且 强制性的费用 $9,774 $16,020 $11,340
房屋费用津贴 $7,630 $7,630 $7,630
餐/伙食补助 $5,786 $5,786 $5,786
书籍和用品 Allowance $1,300 $1,300 $1,300
Personal Expenses 而且 Transportation Allowance $3,900 $3,900 $3,900
贷款费用津贴 $252 $252 $252
入学总费用 $28,642 $34,888 $30,208

Off-Campus 住房 Resource Page

NOTE: Graduate Programs with Non-St而且ard 学杂费:

  • Master of Science – GIS Management (MSGISM)
  • Master of Science – Nursing (MSN-online program)
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA-online program)
  • Master of Social Work (MSW-online program)
  • Doctor of Education (EdD)
  • Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP-online program)

详情请参阅 学杂费表s provided by the Cashier’s Office for the cost of these programs.